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The Main Synagogue of Bukovyna

named after Israel and Zelda Mayberg

Сircumcision in The Мain synagoguе of Bukovina named after Israel and Zelda Mayberg

In The Мain synagoguе of Bukovina named after Israel and Zelda Mayberg great joy! Chernivtsi community was replenished with one more member – in the family of Sergei and Ilona Yermolaev, a son was born. On April 5, Mark was circumcised, to which the moël Jacob Gaisinovich was invited from the Dnieper. In honor of this significant event, the boy’s family organized a traditional meal. Chief rabbi of the region – Menachem Mendl Glitznstein, together with members of the community congratulate the family with the replenishment!




Passover 2018/5778 in Chernivtsi

The celebration of Passover, the holiday of the Jewish people’s exodus from Egypt, continues. Passover begins with the evening meal of the Seder. The word “Seder” in Hebrew means “order”, which should be understood as the order of the actions of reading prayers, eating and drinking at the festive table during Passover.

To hold the Seder, there must be a “keara” on the festive table – a special festive dish to Passover, on which are put symbolic products: a piece of meat, egg, bitter leaves, potatoes and celery, haroset (a mixture of grated apples, nuts, spices and red wine). In addition, the table is also laid specially handmade matzah – “matzah shmura.” Each family member is obliged to drink 4 glasses of wine (and for children – grape juice).

The first Seder was organized by the Center of Jewish Life in Chernivtsi, in the restaurant “Briozol”. About 400 guests gathered for the celebration. In the evening, March 30, the Jews of our city came together to read the Passover Haggadah-an ancient collection containing a story about the exodus with commentaries from the Talmud. During the Seder they read and discussed the Haggadah, ate matzah and other ritual dishes, and drank four glasses of wine. Sered was conducted by the Chief Rabbi of Chernivtsi-Menachem Mendl Glisnshtein.



We invite you to celebrate Seder-Pesach

Dear friends!

We invite you to celebrate Seder-Pesach, which will take placе at the restaurant “Brizol”, on 30 March at 19:00.

You can buy an complimentary ticket and matzah in the Main synagogue of Bukovina named after Israel and Zelda Mayberg, on the str. Sadovsky 11. 

tel. (0372) 58 51 92


Preparation for the Pesach holiday

The eight-day festival of Passover is celebrated in the early spring, from the 15th through the 22nd of the Hebrew month of Nissan, March 30-April 7, 2018. Passover (Pesach) commemo rates the emancipation of the Israelites from slavery in ancient Egypt. Pesach is observed by avoiding leaven, and highlighted by the Seder meals that include four cups of wine, eating matzah and bitter herbs, and retelling the story of the Exodus.

To commemorate the unleavened bread that the Israelites ate when they left Egypt, we don’t eat—or even retain in our possession—any chametz from midday of the day before Passover until the conclusion of the holiday. Chametz means leavened grain—any food or drink that contains even a trace of wheat, barley, rye, oats, spelt or their derivatives, and which wasn’t guarded from leavening or fermentation. 

Instead of chametz, we eat matzah—flat unleavened bread. It is a mitzvah to partake of matzah on the two Seder nights (see below for more on this), and during the rest of the holiday it is optional.

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Before the Pesach holiday, our center acquired more than 400 boxes of matzаh, as well as kosher meat, milk, and other products.

Starting next week, we begin the project of material assistance to community members who need it. The Jews of Chernivtsi began active preparation for the Seder Pesach, which will take place on March 30.


The Most Important Dates in Life of the Jewish Community of Chernivtsi in March

March 3, 1904 – Joseph Schmidt was born in Bukovina, famous Jewish opera singer. He sang in the chorea in Temple, the Central Synagogue of Chernivtsi. Successfully performed on stages of many countries of Europe and America, was in movies. He is often compared to the great Enrico Caruso.

March 8, 1864 – in Austro-Hugarian Empire a law was issued, according to which in the capital of the region, Chernivtsi, complete self-governence was established. The council of community was leading the city (50 representatives), who elected a burgomaster among them. During the Austrian perion in the history of Chernivtsi, the city had two Jewish burgomasters: Edward Rice and Salo von Weisselberger