7 / July / 2016

Summer camp in Chernivtsi 5776 (film & photos)

A wonderful summer camp was organized in Chernivtsi during school summer vacation! The slogan of the three-week camp was «Let’s unite the worlds!». Every day children were virtually traveling to a new country of the world, discovering new knowledges not only about the country itself, but also about the Jewish communities that lived or live there and learnt about the principles of commandment of the Alm-ghty.

7 / June / 2016

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14 / March / 2016

Pourim à Paris – Purim in French Style!

Center for Jewish Life “Chabad” in Bukovina presents:
Purim Celebration in the French style!
The celebration will be held on March 24, 17:30 at the “Chervona Ruta” restaurant (hotel “Tourist”).

In the programme:
reading the Megillah, Purim meal, “Mishloach Manot”,  best costume competition, children’s collective performance by the pupils of the Jewish center in Chernivtsi.
And additionally, plenty of interesting surprises from France:
French manicure, presentation of French perfumes, French desserts, fascinating French music, French fashion and much more!

18 / February / 2016

Renovation In The Synagogue

It’s been the 5th year since the Main Synagogue of Bukovyna named after Israel and Zelda Mayberg is functioning. During this time numerous events were held in the building: praying twice a day,  classes for children  at our Educational and Development Center, weekly meetings of the Youth and Teen Clubs, daily lessons of Tora for men and women, Bar- and Batmitsvas, Hupas, shabatons, farbrengens an many, many others – everything we live with in our Jewish home.

27 / January / 2016

Wedding Ceremony at the Main Synagogue of Bukovyna named after Israel and Zelda Mayberg

Our community keeps growing! On Monday,  the 15th of Shevat (January 25) a solemn ceremony of Jewish wedding of Yehuda and Esther was held. The celebration took place in the Main Synagogue of Bukovyna named after Israel and Zelda Mayberg.
The Chief Rabbi of Chernivtsi region Menachem Mendel Glisnshtein blessed the couple and held a formal wedding ceremony. After reading the marriage contract,  relatives and friends from the Jewish community wished the bride and the groom a good life full of blessings.

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