8 / December / 2015

Hanukkah in Chernivtsi 5776 / 2015 (video & photos)

On Sunday, December 6, the Jewish religious community of Chernivtsi celebrated the beginning of Hanukkah holidays on the Theater square of the city. The Main Rabbi of Bukovyna Menachem Mendel Glisnschtain lighted the first candled on chanukiah together with vice-mayor of Chernivtsi Ruslan Senchuk. Music, fireworks and sweet treats made the holiday spirit go high!

Organized by the Main Synagogue of Bukovyna named after Israel and Zelda Mayberg.

2 / December / 2015

Hanukkah 5776 / 2015

Dear friends!
Let’s celebrate together the wonder of Hanukka from December 6 till December 14!
On Sunday, the 6th of December at 5 p.m. – let’s lighten the Great Hanukkia on the Theater Square of Chernivtsi / Czernowitz!
Fire show, orchestra and sweet treats will be waiting for you.
Year 5776 / 2015 is the year of uniting.

8 / November / 2015

The Most Important Events in Life of the Jewish Community of Chernivtsi in November

November 2, 1942 – General of Bukovyna Katolesku informed  the General headquarters of the Romanian Army in Bucharest, that his administration had evacuated  about 90 000 Jews to Transnistria, among them two groups of Chernivtsi dwellers. The first group counted  28 321 persons evacuated in October-November 1941, the second group – 5000, sent there in June-October 1942.


November 5, 1940 – Benno Shtrauher, a well- known Jewish politician died in Chernivtsi. He was an honorary citizen of Chernivtsi, head of the Jewish community, deputy of the Bukovyna Sejm and the of the Austrian Chamber of Ambassadors, president of the Jewish Sejm  club, member of the Presidium of “The Freethinkers Union.”

18 / October / 2015

Yahrzeit of Rabbi Yisroel Friedman of Ruzhin

On  Cheshvan 3 (16 October), the entire Jewish world celebrates the Yahrzeit (Remembrance Day), of the founder of Ruzhin-Sadgora Rabbi Yisroel Friedman of Ruzhin.

Chernivtsi Jewish Religious Community (Chabad) received in the Main Synagogue of Bukovyna named Yisroel and Zelda Mayberg more than two hundred guests –   followers of tzaddik Friedman from around the world. The guests visited the grave of the righteous, visited the joint services at our synagogue, they were offered a mikvah and a  kosher delicious meal. And in the evening a Bar Mitzvah of one of the youngest members of the community – Maxim Kleiman was held. Rabbi Menachem Mendel Glitsnshtein presented the boy with the traditional precious gift – a tefillin.

13 / September / 2015

Let’s Celebrate Together Holidays of Tishri!

The ceremony of trumpeting  Shofar and the traditional dishes off Rosh Hashanah  — Tishri 1, 5776 (14.09.2015) в 18:00.


KAPAROT — a rite of purification before Yom Kippur Tishri 5, 5776 (18.09.2015). Registration by tel.  585192.


Simchat Beit Ashoeva – the universal celebration of Sukkot, Tishri 18, 5776 (01.10.2015). Start at 18:00. Party «Sukkah! All inclusive!»


Simchat Torah – we rejoice and dance with the Torah —  Tishri 5 5776 (05.10.2015). Start at  18:30.

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