12 / September / 2015

The Most Important Events in Life of the Chernivtsi Jewish Community in September


September 8, 1912 – Sidi Tal was born in Chernivti. A Jewish actress, singer, Honored Artist of Ukraine. Sidi Tal’s cultural heritage is a bright page in the cultural history of Bukovyna, Romania, Moldova. Sidi Tal became a legend, a star, loved by all, who dreamt of stage and artistic fame.


September 1, 1935 – Leonid Zatulovskyi was born. A musicioan, composer, conducter, народивася Леонід Затуловський, музикант, композитор, диригент, Honored Srtist of Ukraine. Since 1944 he lives in Chernivtsi.

10 / July / 2015

The “Chernivtsi” Newspaper on The Memorial Tour

Descendants of the Bukovinian Jews gathered together at the Theater Square of Chernivtsi on Friday morning, the 10th of July. They welcomed in particular Mayor Oleksii Kaspruk and Ukrainian public figure and dissident Joseph Zissels.

The memorial course commemorating Bukovinian Jews who parished during the World War II began from the Jewish National House, where in July 1941 the Nazi occupiers sent the heads of the Chernivtsi Jewish community to execution.

7 / July / 2015

The Joint Prayer in Chernivtsi to Commemorate Jews, Victims of the World War II

On the initiative of the Chief Rabbi of Bukovyna Menachem Mendel Glisnshtain, the local Jewish community and the Chernivtsi City Council, on  July, 10-12  within the Memorial Tour,  Jews from around the world, mainly from Israel, whose family history is related to Bukovyna visited Chernivtsi.

 In our joint prayer we express pain and sorrow for civilians of Czernowitz, Bukovyna killed by shootings and pogroms. We should learn the moral lesson of those events – the Chief Rabbi of Chernivtsi Menachem Mendl Glisnshtain said.

28 / June / 2015

The List of Significant Events in Life of the Jewish Community of Chernivtsi in July

July 2, 1871 – Magistrate of the Chernivtsi City the approved the Charter of the Chernivtsi Jewish community.



July 4, 1930 – Iona Vinokur was born, a Ukrainian archaeologist and teacher, Doctor of Sciences in History, professor, academician of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. He graduated from the historical faculty of Chernivtsi State University, headed the Museum of History of CSU.


27 / May / 2015

Thursday, May 28th – the Big Day for Kollel Torah!

On Thursday, May 28th, join us in supporting the Jewish community in Chernivtsi, Ukraine!

For one day only, donations to the Center of Jewish Life in Chernivtsi are being matched four times (meaning for every dollar you donate, four dollars are matched.)

Won’t you take this extraordinary opportunity to make your donation work four times harder?
This special donor occasion is limited to all donations made online on Thursday, May 28th only – the donor page on our secure site will be open for 24 hours only.

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