6 / April / 2015

The Most Important Events in Life of the Jewish Community of Chernivtsi in April

April 1, 1881 – by the decision of Bukovina regional government approved the Charter of the Jewish Hospital was approved.

6 / April / 2015

Thanks to Mr Roger Zielinsky and LIFELINE!

Dear Mr Roger Zielinsky,

dear members of LIFELINE !

We express our sincere appreciation for the assistance you have provided to members of the Jewish community and other residents of Bukovyna, which gives them opportunity to lie through the difficult times of their lives.

25 / March / 2015

Passover seder

We happily invite you to celebrate the Passover seder in a warm homely atmosphere, together with the Jewish community of Bukovyna.

Passover Haggadah, a festive meal and traditional 4 glasses of wine in honor of our exodus from Egypt and liberation from slavery  will be on the program.

We are waiting for you on Friday, April 3 at 19:30 in the restaurant “Ukraina” (1 Komarova street, Chernivtsi).

Entrance – according to invitation cards.

25 / March / 2015

Passover in the Carpathians!

Dear friends!
Let’s celebrate the Passover together by all the laws of Halacha in the Carpathian Mountains!

With God’s help we found a wonderful place where everything is surrounded with pristine nature, and where  the second year in a row we happily spend time on the feast of Passover.

A 4-star complex “Sokilskoe” opens it’s door to you.
There you will be provided with comfort and kosher food. The whole family will enjoy this kosher Pesach with the rich program prepared for these festive days from 3 to 11 April 2015 (accommodation, meals, lectures, classes, excursions).
Details and registration by phone: +38 066 4774 879

8 / March / 2015

Jewish Holiday in Mexican Style. Purim in Chernivtsi.

About two and a half thousand years ago, the Persian king Artaxerxes married a girl Esther, who long concealed that she was Jewish. Because envious and cruel Haman, the king’s adviser wanted to kill all the Jews. Esther interceded for his people, telling about her nationality, and so persuaded the king to execute the villain. Since then the Jews celebrate their salvation and victory.

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