4 / March / 2015

Mexican Fiesta – Purim 5775 in Chernivtsi!

Hola, amigos!
Join us at  the Purim Mexican Fiesta in Chernivtsi!
We’ll be  listening to the “Scroll of Esther” (17:30).
Prepare your maracas!
It will be hot at this party, so hold on to your sombrero! We’ll treat you to some Mexican food, but expect sharp kosher jokes and anecdotes from you!
Special prize for the best joke!
In purymskoy fyeste Will interesting and fun vsem – from small to large.
Dress code: strictly carnacal costumes!

3 / March / 2015

PURIM 5775 Party!

If you are  12 to 35 years old, we are more than happy to invite you to a  carnival party in the style of “Stilyagi!

The program includes festive meal, carnival costume competition and a lottery.

March 4, beginning at 19:00.
Lounge Bar Underground (15  Ivan Franko street, Chernivtsi).
Registration by calling to  0506553935

12 / February / 2015

Yahrzeit in the Synagogue

On January 27, 2015 in the Main Synagogue of Bukovyna named after Israel and Zelda Mayberg  candles  were lit in memory of mother of Chaim Rosenberg – American Jew, who in his early childhood moved with his family from Chernivtsi to New York. That day was the last one in the first year of mourning,  Kaddish was recired in memory of his mother.

12 / February / 2015

Educational and Development Complex for Children and Youth

Idea of creating such a complex belongs to the Chief Rabbi of Chernivtsi region Rabbi Menachem Glisnshtain. Director of the Center is Irina Gietelman.

The complex works in three directions:

–  Teaching children and youth Jewish traditions and Herbrew;

–  Helping students with their secondary education;

–  Development of the children’s creativity and individual skills of each child.

17 / January / 2015

Camp for Children at the Synagogue

 At the  Main Synagoue of Bukovyna named after Israel and Zelda Maiberg a daytime camp for the young members of the community has started. The winter camp was named “Masters of the Jewish Town”. The topics of the camp cover Jewish life indifferent old European cities and life of the Jewish population of Chernivtsi – our city is a good example of such a city as well.

The program of the camp is comprised of numerous entertaining events, creative activities and excursions. Everything is done for children to have good time, spend their holidays learning and having fun, get enough energy for the next academic year.


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