6 / April / 2016

The Most Important Events in Life of the Jewish Community of Chernivtsi in April

April 1, 1881 – by the decision of Bukovina regional government approved the Charter of the Jewish Hospital was approved.


April 2, 1937 – Nathan Birnbaum died, writer and philosopher, one of the founders of the Zionist ideology. Was one of the initiators of the Chernivtsi Conference on Yiddish language, creator of Chernivtsi society “Jewish Theatre”.


April 10, 1973 –  Jacob Sternberg died, a Jewish avant-garde poet, essayist, playwright, theater director and theoretician of the theater. For many years he lived in Chernivtsi.


April 16, 1943 – Romanians began to transfer  Bukovyna orphans from Transnistria to Palestine though the Red Cross.


April 18, 1890 – Jacob Sternberg was born.


 April 19, 1792 – issued an order by Galician governor about granting power to the board members of the Jewish religious community and the Jewish elders to allocate space for prayer in the synagogue, evaluate and produce documents entittling ownership for these spaces.


April 20, 1970 – Paul Celan died, one of the most prominent German-language poets of the twentieth century. He was born and lived for many years in Chernivtsi.