3 / February / 2017

The Most Important Events in Life of the Jewish Community of Chernivtsi in March

March 3, 1904 – Joseph Schmidt was born in Bukovina, famous Jewish opera singer. He sang in the chorea in Temple, the Central Synagogue of Chernivtsi. Successfully performed on stages of many countries of Europe and America, was in movies. He is often compared to the great Enrico Caruso.

March 8, 1864 – in Austro-Hugarian Empire a law was issued, according to which in the capital of the region, Chernivtsi, complete self-governence was established. The council of community was leading the city (50 representatives), who elected a burgomaster among them. During the Austrian perion in the history of Chernivtsi, the city had two Jewish burgomasters: Edward Rice and Salo von Weisselberger

March 10, 2000 – First number of the newspaper “Hesed-Shushana” was issued – the printed body of the the Chernivtsi regional charity foundation with the same name.


March 14, 1929 – Emmanuel Weissglass was born in Chernivtsi, German- and Romanian-speaking poet, translator, school mate of Paul Celan and his early poetic competitor. The main topic and motiv of his writing was the tragedy of Holocaust.


March 16, 1892 – Elias Igel, long-term head of the Chernivtsi Jewish community, who did so much for its strengthening, died. He managed to unite the warring communities of Orthodox and Reformers Hasidi.


March 17, 1944 – Part of survivors of the concentration camps in Transnistria, Bukovinian and Bessarabian Jewish orphans were brought in freight cars to Iasi, where they were placed in a nursing home.


March 24, 1944 – When the Red Army was approaching Chernivtsi, using panic in the city, several hundred Jewish families fled from Chernivtsi. The same day, authorities in the city has moved from Romanian to German command. SS units started shooting people directly in their homes and on the streets.


March 26, 1944 – Leading units of the Red Army entered the suburbs of Chernivtsi. After 3 days of fighting that took place mostly outside the city, the German-Romanian troops retreated without a chance to cause large losses of the Jewish population of the city.


March 28, 1944 – before retreating, German units set the Residence of Bukovinian metropolitans, on fire, hoping that this act of provocation will cause the persecution of Jews.


March 27, 1932 – Eliezer Steinberg died in Chernivtsi. He was a Jewish fabulist, fairy-tale writer, playwright for childrean and a pedagogue.


March 27, 1985 – the first meeting of Chernivtsi former prisoners of Nazi concentration camps and ghettos was held. They started collecting written memories of their stay in camps and ghettos.