7 / July / 2016

The List of Significant Events in Life of the Jewish Community of Chernivtsi in July

July 2, 1871 – Magistrate of the Chernivtsi City the approved the Charter of the Chernivtsi Jewish community.



July 4, 1930 – Iona Vinokur was born, a Ukrainian archaeologist and teacher, Doctor of Sciences in History, professor, academician of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. He graduated from the historical faculty of Chernivtsi State University, headed the Museum of History of CSU.


July 6, 1941 – the Romanian and German troops occupied Chernivtsi. Mass executions of Jews began. It has been 70 years since then, but the nightmare is not flashed. The dead are not forgotten.



July 6-7, 1941 – the members einzatsengruppen arrested and shot about 600 Jews near the Prut River.



7-8 July 1941 – in the German commandant’s office (former Romanian Palace of Culture) Nazi SS units were herded more than 2 thousands residents. Totally, 2,014 Jews were killed.



July 7, 1941 –an anti-fascist organization was established, most of its members were Jewish.



July 8, 1941 – fascist military dictator Ion Antonescu, Romania, at a cabinet meeting, said: “I support the forced migration of the entire Jewish element of Bessarabia and Bukovina … I do not care whether we would walk down in history as barbarians … There was not ever a more appropriate the case for us. If necessary, shoot a machine gun. ”



July 8, 1941 – the Temple was burned. German and Romanian troops occupied the city. The Temple was set on fire, it destroyed the interior decoration and trim of the dome.



July 8, 1991 – in the foyer of the cinema “Chernivtsi” (building of the former Temple) a memorial plaque in memory of the 50th anniversary of the destruction of the Temple was installed.



July 9, 2003 – renewed activities of the Jewish community. As the head of the community Leo Kleiman was elected.



July 10-12, 1941 – the Germans with the help of the Romanian police killed about 1,500 Jews, mostly intellectuals, public figures and youth. By the evening of July 12 they selected 1000 Jews – the most healthy, well-dressed, good-looking people, including the chief rabbi Marcus, the chief cantor Gourmet and three singers of the Temple. At the former military shooting range near the Prut river they all there given tortured and shot dead.




July 11, 1941 – 450 Jews were murdered at the Chernivtsi Jewish Cemetery.




July 12, 1950 – was born in Chernovtsy Bronislav Tutelman, a painter, a master of photography, installation.



July 13, 2010 – the international seminar “Remembering the Forgotten” was held in Chernivtsi, dedicated to the history and culture of the Jews of Bukovina.



July 17, 1935 – Jacob Kellerman, a musician and composer was born. He graduated from Chernivtsi Musical School and worked as a soloist of the Chernivtsi Philharmonic Society.



July 18, 1983 – Sidi Tal, a Jewish actress, pop singer died.



July 30, 1941 – the order requiring all Jews to wear a Star of David was issued.