5 / April / 2018

Passover 2018/5778 in Chernivtsi

The celebration of Passover, the holiday of the Jewish people’s exodus from Egypt, continues. Passover begins with the evening meal of the Seder. The word “Seder” in Hebrew means “order”, which should be understood as the order of the actions of reading prayers, eating and drinking at the festive table during Passover.

To hold the Seder, there must be a “keara” on the festive table – a special festive dish to Passover, on which are put symbolic products: a piece of meat, egg, bitter leaves, potatoes and celery, haroset (a mixture of grated apples, nuts, spices and red wine). In addition, the table is also laid specially handmade matzah – “matzah shmura.” Each family member is obliged to drink 4 glasses of wine (and for children – grape juice).

The first Seder was organized by the Center of Jewish Life in Chernivtsi, in the restaurant “Briozol”. About 400 guests gathered for the celebration. In the evening, March 30, the Jews of our city came together to read the Passover Haggadah-an ancient collection containing a story about the exodus with commentaries from the Talmud. During the Seder they read and discussed the Haggadah, ate matzah and other ritual dishes, and drank four glasses of wine. Sered was conducted by the Chief Rabbi of Chernivtsi-Menachem Mendl Glisnshtein.