18 / February / 2016

Renovation In The Synagogue

It’s been the 5th year since the Main Synagogue of Bukovyna named after Israel and Zelda Mayberg is functioning. During this time numerous events were held in the building: praying twice a day,  classes for children  at our Educational and Development Center, weekly meetings of the Youth and Teen Clubs, daily lessons of Tora for men and women, Bar- and Batmitsvas, Hupas, shabatons, farbrengens an many, many others – everything we live with in our Jewish home.

Of course, such a lively place needs some renovation from time to time. Now it is taking place in the building of the Center of Jewish Life in Bukovyna. The brigade of workers will refresh all the rooms of the synagogue, corridors and recreational ares, will refir the gallery of the first floor and carry out all the necessary decoration work .

Thanks to our main sponsor Mr Aron Mayberg for support!

Aleksandra Onufrash,



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