8 / January / 2015

Yahrzeit in Chernivtsi Synagogue

Duty of the living!

What you can do for those family members, who are no longer with us.


Yahrzeit – is a memorial day. Yahrzeit in Jewish tradition is honored on the day when the person left the world. One should commemorate the “Jewish” date, since the chronology of the Jewish people started long before the creation of the Gregorian calendar and it is natural to mark the date according to the principle common to all generations. If you do not know the Jewish date of the death of your relative, we will help you with the definition.

1. Every year on the day of  parents’ death, one should say memorial prayer – kaddish, to add virtues to them and praise their souls. Kaddish is said in the peresence of ten Jewish men.  We can say kaddish for the souls of parished Jews in the synagogue of the city of Chernivtsi.

2. On somebody’s yarhzeit there is a tradition to come up to their grave and read the prayer “Kel male rakhamim” and light a candle. If you are too far away, we can assist you in keeping this tradition.

3. Some people practice the tradition of gathering yahrzeit  minyan (10 Jewish men) at a grave of a parished person and say memorial prayer there. Feel free to address us, if you are interested.

4. In our synagogue, there are tables with 24/7 lightning, which keep the memory of the passed away people. You can dedicate such a tablet to the members of your family.

5. To add virtues to the parished, you can also carry on a commendment of charity to honor them and pay the costs of the synagogogue for one day. It includes: paymet for electricity, gas, water and food for the needy on that day.

6. If for any reason you don’t know where your relatives are buried, we are ready to take up mission of finding there place of peace for you.

Dear members of the community!

The program “Khevra Kadisha” (funeral services) is functioning at the Main Synagogue of Bukovyna named after Israel and Zelda Mayberg.

During hard time of loosing a dear person “Khevra Kadisha” would undertake all the troubles of organizing the funeral, conducts rituals and consults to any questions that arise.

Cowokers of the program will assist you with ordering:

-a prayer for health and luck;

– iskor and kaddish (memorial prayers).

  • There is an opportunity to organize burial at the Jewish cemetery in Chernivtsi.

Feel free to contact us:

tel: (0372) 585192, 586005

email: info@jewishczernowitz.com

Coordinator of the program:

Rabbi Menachem Glisnshtain

Chief Rabbi of Chernivtsi region, Ukraine